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Benefits of EVs

  • Quieter Driving
    Quieter Driving

    With no combustion engine and 1000's less moving parts, electric vehicles offer a much smoother and quieter drive, making every journey more enjoyable. Electric motors provide whisper quiet performance without the fuss of conventional engines and gearboxes. All electric vehicles do have a pedestrian warning under 18mph to ensure they can be heard when moving around built up areas. 

  • Lower Fuel Costs
    Lower Fuel Costs

    Most ICE ( Internal Combustion Engine ) vehicles typically run at around 30-40% efficiency, the rest is lost in noise and heat dissipation from the combustion cycle of the engine! This means that for every £1 you put into the car of fuel, only 30p of it is actually used to drive the car - what a waste! Electric motors typically run around 90% efficiency, clearly saving a lot of energy in the process. When you charge at home, combining your EV with an overnight tariff means you can reduce your fuel cost down to as little as 2p per mile.

  • Maintenance

    With so many less moving parts and complicated engine management systems, electric cars have been proven to need much less maintenance and have been more reliable. There are no timing belts, water pumps, injectors, clutches, fuel pumps to worry about that may need servicing or replacing every few years. EV's generally only require an annual inspection and pollen filter. We are also here to help with any repairs and servicing, ensuring your EV stays on the road as long as possible.

  • Cleaner Environment
    Cleaner Environment

    With EV's producing no tail-pipe emissions, it helps to reduce the harmful effects of gases emitted from ICE vehicles. EV's can also be recharged from renewable energy, giving great environmental impacts in terms of fuel. We also believe that the reduced servicing, no oil changes for example, helps save millions of litres of oil every year that has to be disposed of.

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